Healthy Outcomes: Supporting Hill Country Hospitality Workers’ Emotional Health and Well-Being

With funding from Create Healthy, hospitality workers across the Hill Country now have access to free group counseling sessions and facilitated behavioral health education seminars as well as low-cost virtual and in-person individual counseling. Learn More  

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Create Healthy Wellness Center Announces Swim Classes and Safety Education

The Create Healthy Wellness Center announced its upcoming swim programming schedule. Programming features both private and group swim classes and lessons for children and adults. Create Healthy is investing in both safety and fitness with swim programming that spans from children to seniors. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional

Commentary: A Message of Gratitude to the Hill Country

by Jayne Pope, RN, CEO, Create Healthy The end of the year is a time of giving, celebration, and reflection. For all of us at Create Healthy, it’s also an opportunity to thank our community for your support as we embarked on a new and exciting journey to support health

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Create Healthy, Central Texas Food Bank Partner for Turkey Giveaway

Create Healthy, the Fredericksburg-based foundation investing in the health and wellness of the Hill Country, donated $25,000 to the Central Texas Food Bank to support the purchase of turkeys and groceries for Thanksgiving. Create Healthy staff will be on-site to help distribute the groceries at the Food Bank’s mobile food


The Values of Create Healthy

The actions and decisions of Create Healthy are guided by a set of values developed and shared by the entire Create Healthy team. The Stevens Wellness Center, Thrift Shop & Boutique, and Foundation teams identified three values as the defining principles of Create Healthy: Trustworthy. Collaborative. Courageous. “To be successful


Working With Community Partners to Address the Hill Country’s Needs

The leadership team at Create Healthy is working diligently alongside community partners to identify the Hill Country's biggest needs and understand how Create Healthy's resources can have the biggest impact. Create Healthy is engaging with community members and leaders from different backgrounds and areas of expertise as part

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Create Healthy Gathers With Non-Profit Leaders to Discuss Potential Funding Priorities

In a recent meeting with local non-profit organization leaders, Create Healthy gathered valuable input on the Hill Country’s biggest opportunities and where Create Healthy can have the biggest impact to promote health and wellness in the region. Listening


Create Healthy’s Community Engagement Strategy

A community-focused organization like Create Healthy could not faithfully execute its mission for the Hill Country without an intentional and organized strategy for receiving and processing perspective and insight from the community. Create Healthy’s community engagement strategy is multi-faceted to ensure open and consistent communication with community leaders and


Making an Immediate Impact Through Collaborative Community Partnerships

Create Healthy is hitting the ground running to make an immediate impact on the health and wellness of the Hill Country. By partnering with existing local organizations, Create Healthy ensures that its resources are quickly being put to good use in the community. From supporting Clear the List

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