The Values of Create Healthy

Published On: October 30th, 2023Categories: Updates


The actions and decisions of Create Healthy are guided by a set of values developed and shared by the entire Create Healthy team.

The Stevens Wellness Center, Thrift Shop & Boutique, and Foundation teams identified three values as the defining principles of Create Healthy:

  • Trustworthy.
  • Collaborative.
  • Courageous.

“To be successful and make a real impact on the communities we serve, we have to share a united set of values that guide our actions and keep us focused on our mission,” said Jayne Pope, RN, CEO, Create Healthy. “Our teams identified these principles together, strengthening our sense of purpose and laying out a clear set of principles that dictate how we interact with each other and the community.”


An unwavering commitment to transparency, integrity, and accountability in all our interactions.

Trustworthiness is paramount to our commitment to act as a responsible steward of our community’s resources. Open communication with our community is part of how we create an open and transparent process for decision-making as we work with community leaders and members to identify how to best serve the Hill Country.


Being open to new information and perspectives.

Proactively gathering feedback and insight from our community is essential to our collaborative approach to identifying opportunities to invest in the health and wellness of the Hill Country. Listening to our community and respecting everyone’s perspective help us have the biggest impact when establishing focus areas for community investment.


Bravely explore and embrace challenges and opportunities.

Embracing new ideas and innovative solutions will open more opportunities to advance our mission for the Hill Country. Taking informed risks can allow us to make generational differences for our communities that have lasting effects on the health and wellness of everyone in the Hill Country.


Learn more about our mission and vision for the Hill Country here.

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