Working With Community Partners to Address the Hill Country’s Needs

The leadership team at Create Healthy is working diligently alongside community partners to identify the Hill Country's biggest needs and understand how Create Healthy's resources can have the biggest impact. Create Healthy is engaging with community members and leaders from different backgrounds and areas of expertise as part

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Making an Immediate Impact Through Collaborative Community Partnerships

Create Healthy is hitting the ground running to make an immediate impact on the health and wellness of the Hill Country. By partnering with existing local organizations, Create Healthy ensures that its resources are quickly being put to good use in the community. From supporting Clear the List

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Understanding the Hopes and Needs of our Community

Through an ongoing series of discussions with local leaders, Create Healthy is gathering feedback and insight from the community to ensure its resources align with the Hill Country's needs. Events like September’s community summit brought together more than 70 representatives of Hill Country businesses, schools, government,

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