Create Healthy’s Community Engagement Strategy

Published On: October 24th, 2023Categories: Updates


A community-focused organization like Create Healthy could not faithfully execute its mission for the Hill Country without an intentional and organized strategy for receiving and processing perspective and insight from the community.

Create Healthy’s community engagement strategy is multi-faceted to ensure open and consistent communication with community leaders and members.

“It’s paramount that we have an organized and thoughtful approach to soliciting and using community insight,” said Jayne Pope, RN, Create Healthy CEO. “Listening to and engaging with our community is central to our mission of investing in the Hill Country’s health and wellness.”

Through an ongoing series of discussions with local leaders throughout the summer and fall, Create Healthy is harvesting our community’s insight and expertise to guide the development of strategic funding priorities. Events like September’s community summit brought together more than 70 representatives of Hill Country businesses, government, law enforcement, schools, faith-based and nonprofit organizations to facilitate meaningful input on Create Healthy’s funding opportunities and strategies.

Likewise, Create Healthy has developed four community advisory councils to ensure that Create Healthy’s board and leadership maintain an open line of dialogue with community leaders. These four councils will advise Create Healthy’s board and leadership on funding decisions and investment opportunities, helping to identify the right projects and organizations that will have a demonstrable impact on the community and that align with Create Healthy’s mission and goals for health and wellness of the Hill Country.

Lastly, the community input form on Create Healthy’s website allows any member of the community to have their voice heard about the Hill Country’s greatest areas of opportunity and where they would like to see Create Healthy have an impact.

Create Healthy’s assets and mission make it a distinctive philanthropic entity in the region. Uniquely positioned to invest in programs, organizations, and services to ensure that everyone in the Hill Country can meaningfully contribute to the fabric of life in the region and fully engage in everything our community offers, the foundation is well on its way.

Learn more about some of the organizations and activities Create Healthy is already supporting here.

Create Healthy would like to thank the following organizations that have already participated in community events for their insight and perspective on how Create Healthy can best serve the Hill Country.

American Red Cross

Bethany Preschool

Boys and Girls Club of the Hill Country

City of Fredericksburg

Comfort Independent School District

Connecting the Vine

Fredericksburg Counseling

Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce

Fredericksburg Independent School District

Frontera Health Network

Gillespie County

Gillespie County Sheriff’s Department

Gillespie County Economic Development Commission

Gillespie County Ministerial Alliance

Golden Hub Community Center

Good Samaritan Center

Grace Center

Harper Independent School District

Hill Country Business Community Members

Hill Country Community Members

Hill Country Daily Bread

Hill Country MHDD

Needs Council

Local Community Physicians

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children

St. Vincent de Paul

Texas Wine Auction

Wesley Nurse

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