The Future of Health and Wellness in the Hill Country

Published On: August 21st, 2023Categories: Updates


When Jayne Pope first came to the Hill Country over 12 years ago, she knew that she had found a special place to call home. As the region continues to grow, Jayne and Create Healthy are focused on addressing a wide range of health and wellness issues to ensure that the community remains a great place for everyone to live, work, and play.

“This community is a wonderful place and continues to grow as more people choose to live and retire here,” said Pope. “And as our community grows, so too must our efforts to address our health and wellness needs.”

Listening to community members and leaders to determine where Create Healthy’s resources can have the greatest impact is central to its mission to invest in a healthier future. A Hill Country where all can contribute and thrive is Create Healthy’s vision, a vision rooted in the principles that make this community strong.

“Our founders taught us to take care of ourselves and our neighbors,” said Pope. “It’s important that we have resources in place to help our community care for its health in every sense of the word.”

Learn more about Create Healthy here.

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