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Published On: August 13th, 2023Categories: Updates


Building a healthier future for an entire community must include initiatives and strategies to address health and wellness issues that go above and beyond simply caring for people’s physical health.

McNabb and her organization share a common mission with Create Healthy, one that is focused on people and ensuring the overall health of the local community. McNabb recognizes that addressing the health needs of the Hill Country is no small task, and that the approach must encompass all areas of health and wellness, not just physical health.

“Health and well-being is about more than just your physical health,” said McNabb. “Emotional well-being, mental health, and quality of life all play a huge role in the overall health of our community.”

Create Healthy’s vision of a Hill Country where all can contribute and thrive can only be reached by assessing all areas that affect people’s lives and their health. Finding innovative solutions to health and wellness issues that influence the overall health of the community is at the heart of realizing that vision.

“This foundation can have a massive impact on the health and stability of our community by addressing health and wellness needs that go beyond just physical health,” said McNabb. “It’s incredible that we have this infrastructure in place to meet our community’s needs in a variety of ways.”

From the wellness center and thrift store to the foundation, Create Healthy is uniquely positioned to address a broad range of community needs and enrich the lives of everyone in the Hill Country.

Learn more about Create Healthy here.

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