March 2024

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  • Strength & Cardio Combo Class

  • Strength Training Class

  • Cardio Dance Class

  • Cycling Class

  • Rowing Class

  • Functional/Active Aging Class

  • Mind/Body Recovery Class

  • Aqua Class

  • Reserved Facilities







Class Descriptions

  • Aerobic Strength | This total-body strength & cardiovascular training is a great way to start your day! Strengthen your body with proper technique for functional fitness. You can keep the intensity low or pump it up for the ultimate workout. Located in the Mind Body Studio.

  • Arthritis Therapy | This warm water class is designed for those with arthritis who want to control pain and improve mobility, flexibility and general movements. Located in the Warm Water Pool.

  • Boot Camp | Jump start your day with this high-energy variety hour that will kick your booty and challenge you to new levels of fitness! Boot camp classes are held indoors & outdoors. Located in the Mind Body Studio.

  • Cycle & Sculpt | Mix it up with indoor group cycling intervals and strength training intervals. Get your cardio and strength training in this one high intensity hybrid class if you are short on time! Located in the Multi Purpose Studio.

  • Core & More | Hit those abdominal and back muscles with this short and sweet core workout! Flex, extend, rotate and stabilize the body to create a stronger center for every functional movement. Located in the Multi
    Purpose Studio.

  • Cycling Fitness | This cardiovascular class on our indoor stationary bikes is always a great workout. Indoor cycling is a great training ground for outdoor cyclists & fitness enthusiasts alike. Located in the Multi Purpose Studio.

  • Fit Fusion/ Hybrid TRX | A combination of strength, cardio & core using the TRX suspension straps. Your body weight becomes your resistance as you work against gravity to control each movement. Located in the Multi Purpose Studio.

  • Fit & Fun | This cardio toning class is designed for all levels of fitness. We will improve your cardiovascular condition and strengthen your muscles while improving your flexibility and balance. You will get fit and have fun! Located in the Multi Purpose Studio.

  • Functional Flexibility | This 45-minute mat class focuses on full range of motion and flexibility improvement through static and dynamic stretching. Blocks, straps, foam rollers and tennis balls will be used to assist in stretching. balance and self-myofascialflexibility and balance. You will get fit and have fun! Located in the Multi Purpose Studio.

  • H2O Workout/ Aqua Power | These classes combine a variety of aerobic movement with intervals of resistance training in the Fitness Pool. Water noodles, aqua dumbbells, aqua steps, medicine balls and resistance bands are used to challenge participants. Located in the Fitness Pool.

  • Indo Row | This indoor rowing class is “the perfect calorie burn!” Designed around elements in real row training & racing, instructors will lead you through skills & drills, wave workouts & racing. Located in the Multi Purpose Studio.

  • Masters Swim | This Total Immersion swim workout is designed to improve stroke technique, speed and fitness level for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

  • Pilates | Progressive series of floor movements will strengthen the core muscles of the abdomen, lower back and pelvic area. Increase strength, flexibility and balance of the entire body, focusing on breathing and mindful movement Located in the Mind Body Studio.

  • YOGA | This class starts gently and then moves to a more intense flow to heat up the body. We will challenge the body and mind with balance poses, core work and flows that safely push your comfort zone while creating a healthier and happier you. This class is about discovering how amazing our own unique bodies are and connecting to them while contributing the necessary input to strengthen and nourish. Yoga is for everyone, and all are welcome, there are modifications for every level of Yogi. You will leave this class shining and ready to take on the day! Located in the Mind Body Studio.

  • Power Hour | Intense indoor cycling in a group setting will motivate you to achieve your personal fitness goals! This indoor cycling class is a great training ground for outdoor cyclists! Located in the Cycling Studio.

  • Rock & Row | This class combines basic IndoRow intervals & strength training in a aircuntormal hat will Located in the Multi Purpose Studio.

  • Shape Up | This high-energy crosstraining class incorporates cardiovascular conditioning strength training and stretching. Fun and variety are the keys to sticking with your fitness regimel This is the only place in town to offer advanced step aerobics. Check with Shannon. Located in the Multi Purpose Studio.

  • Smart Barre | This class incorporates lower body and core strengthening moves which will improve balance and protect and improve bone density. This class will also give you improvements in posture, flexibility, and breath control. Using the ballet barre and other small equipment, you will be challenged to be more functionally fit with a strong and beautifully aligned body. Located in the Mind Body Studio.

  • Sit to be Fit | This social class is designed for those wanting to remain active and enjoy a complete, non-impact workout. A combination of toning exercises is performed while sitting in a chair! Located in the Mind Body Studio.

  • Step it Up | This BEGINNER Step class will get your heart pumping. Step choreography will be broken down to the base layer and built up.
    Located in the Mind Body Studio.

  • Tai Chi | Improve balance, coordination & mental wellness with circular, fluid
    movements at a slow tempo. This class is ideal for people with arthritis. Located in the Mind Body Studio.

  • Total Body Strength | This endurance strength training class is designed to create strong, well-balanced bodies by utilizing a variety of exercises and equipment. This high-energy class uses barbells, dumbbells, BOSU, body weight and more to target all muscle groups. Total Body Strength includes a 15 minute stretch to aid in muscle recovery. All fitness levels are welcome. Located in the Multi Purpose Studio.

  • Slow Flow YOGA | A yoga class perfect for all Yogi’s of any level. This midweek check in is made to unwind and recenter. Designed to bring movement and breath into the body while gently releasing tightness and stress. Each class will end with a sound bowl waking you from Shavasana (my favorite pose). You will leave this class rejuvenated and relaxed, ready to conquer the rest of the week. Located in the Mind Body Studio.
  • Zumba | Join this high-energy dance party Have a fun aerobic workout with the rhythmic moves of Latin dance! Located in the Mind Body Studio.